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  • It's time for LEGO to block Shell

    Blogpost by Ian Duff - July 1, 2014 at 20:58

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    Imagine you're eight years old and picture the Arctic. There are no oil rigs, no industrial shipping and no politicians fighting over it.

    It's just an endless sparkling expanse of sea and ice, populated by brave scientific explorers, magical animals and Indigenous Peoples who have called the far north home for millennia. An enchanted place to explore, create stories and let you imagination run free.

    At least that's what LEGO is telling kids. Its new Arctic play set has brought the magical polar north into kids' bedrooms around the globe. And by doing that it's helping to educate children and create a generation of Arctic supporters who will be inspired to protect it.

    But sadly LEGO is only telling kids half the story. What it's not telling them is how it's also helping Shell to threate...

  • Image by NeetfluxOver the weekend, the National party had their annual get together in Wellington. We popped along too, with our polar bear, to find out whether action on climate change was part of their agenda. From what we can gather from the muted and confused responses (video coming soon) of those attending, including Ministers, the most important economic and environmental issue that faces our country was absent from the Government’s mind.

    And the only major announcement to come from this meeting might hint at why.

    The Government has announced that as part of what even the Road Transport Forum is calling an “election year lolly scramble”, it is going to use the money raised from the controversial sale of New Zealanders’ energy assets to upgrade regional roads. John Key announced that should National ... Read more >

  • It's pretty flat out on the Arctic campaign these days and there often isn't much time to stop and reflect on things.

    But if the 2 year anniversary of what is possibly the defining environmental battleground of our time, and the incredible effort of millions of heroes from all walks of life who are at forefront of its defence, isn't worth a pause then nothing is. So let's take a little trip down Save the Arctic memory lane…

    Save the Arctic was born out of frustration stemming from inaction. The Arctic was under siege, with sea ice melting at such eye-opening rates that our global air conditioner was at risk of vanishing. Yet instead of being concerned by this in-your-face climate change warning and using it as a spur to take some real action, governments and companies were instead getting... Read more >

  • 15 legendary pictures to celebrate: The Arctic Sunrise is coming home!

    Blogpost by Angela Glienicke - June 20, 2014 at 14:00