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Cassady Sharp writes online content for Greenpeace in the US. You can follow her opinions on environmental issues, news and culture.


    So we all know the Arctic is cold and white and in danger from exploitation by oil companies including Shell Oil, right? Not only is the critical ecosystem in dire need of our protection, it also has an endlessly interesting “About Me” section.  Here’s what we think are the coolest things about the Arctic we found pretty surprising.

    • The Vikings actually called Greenland by its name to attract settlers. Suckers!

    • When the Titanic hit an Arctic iceberg, it was actually hitting a chunk that had previously melted off a glacier.

    • The Arctic fox’s fur changes from brown to white during the transition from fall to winter as their skin produces melanin for camouflage.

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    • Fish in the Arctic Ocean survive by their own personal antifreeze.  They have a frost-protection pr...
  • Top 5 movies set in the Arctic

    Blogpost by Cassady Sharp - December 13, 2012 at 10:33

    With a stunning landscape and incredible wildlife including polar bears, seals and Arctic foxes, it’s no wonder that Arctic movie sets trump anything filmed in sunny Hollywood.  We took a break from working on our campaign to save the Arctic to compile a list of our favorite movies set in the endangered region. The Arctic is currently at risk from oil companies like Shell looking to profit from the sea ice melt by drilling in the Arctic Ocean.

    Save the Arctic: Take Action 

    5) Smilla’s Sense of Snow

    Based on a bestselling book, this 1997 thriller about a missing boy in Greenland is a favorite of our communications director although he claims the book was much better.


    4) Insomnia

    A rare opportunity to judge Robin Williams’ acting chops in a serious role, Insomnia is set in a Northern Alaskan fishing ... Read more >

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