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John Dunford

John Dunford is part of the Greenpeace NZ digital team in Auckland.

  • With Texan cowboy, deep sea drillers Anadarko you have to expect a few leaks here and there - they were one of the companies behind the largest ever oil spill at sea after all.

    The news this morning from their operation off Otago was a bit out of the ordinary though – there’s word of a leak... and people all around the country are crossing their fingers, hoping for confirmation?!

    Anadarko are leaking

    That's because this was not the oil-gushing-everywhere kind of leak. This time, someone on the inside has spilled the beans on Anadarko's failure to find oil off Otago.

    The leaked information points to the well in the Canterbury Basin being empty. If this is the case, it'll be the second time this summer that Anadarko's drill ship, the Noble Bob Douglas, has come up with nothing after they failed to find anyth...

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  • The Oil Free Seas Flotilla and Greenpeace

    Blogpost by John Dunford - November 11, 2013 at 16:58

    A lot has changed in the more than 40 years since Greenpeace started out in Vancouver. From a small group of people with a driving passion for the environment, we've grown into a worldwide movement.

    Working in 'digital campaigns' as I do - a job which couldn't even have been conceived of when that first Greenpeace crew set out to protest US nuclear testing in 1971 - it's easy sometimes to feel like we're operating in a completely different world now. Not today.

    As I joined the group of staff from the Greenpeace office heading down to Princes Wharf in Auckland to see off the SV Friendship, SV Shearwater and the Greenpeace sponsored SV Vega as they joined the Oil Free Seas Flotilla, the sense of history was palpable. The connection to that first Greenpeace sailing and all those that have ha... Read more >

  • “It is...about capitalism, greed, and the moral depths that people will sink to when the opportunity of accruing immense wealth is put before them”

    Liz Bury, ‘Why you should read The Luminaries’, The Guardian


    This month one of the most important literary awards in the world, the Man Booker Prize, was awarded to a New Zealander. Eleanor Catton became the youngest winner ever of the Booker Prize with her novel ‘The Luminaries’, set in New Zealand's goldfields in 1866.

    While Catton now joins an illustrious list of previous winners such as Margaret Atwood, William Golding and Salman Rushdie, New Zealand is facing into another historic period of greed in the face of environmental destruction as a new frontier of extraction is opened up. Read more >

    Deep-sea exploratory oil drilling activities will ...

  • Two stories from opposite ends of the world highlight looming dangers for New Zealand.

    New Zealanders say NO to deep sea oil


    Peaceful Protest. Rigs. Armed response. Seized ships. Risky oil. These are the topics that have been dominating our week. In case you missed it, 30 Greenpeace activists (including two Kiwis) have been detained and held under armed guard in the Russian Arctic this week (to catch up on all that’s been happening, check out this timeline). They were there trying to keep the Arctic oil free and protesting at Gazprom's frankly shockingly unsafe attempts to extract the first oil from those icy waters.

    It's been quite hectic here trying to do everything we can to support our activists on the other side of the world. It's certainly a strange experience to be so involved in something going on over 15,000km a...

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  • Arctic Sunrise action timeline

    Blogpost by John Dunford - September 24, 2013 at 9:06
    From peaceful action to dramatic seizure: a timeline of events since the Arctic Sunrise took action September 18 (CET).


    September 18, 2013

    02.34 - Four inflatables leave the Arctic Sunrise heading towards Gazprom's oil platform, thePrirazlomnaya. Activists attempt to climb and establish themselves on the outside structure of the platform to protest against imminent drilling.

    They are here to peacefully protest against the Arctic oil rush, which threatens grave harm to the Arctic environment, as well as extracting more oil that humanity cannot afford to burn. ThePrirazlomnaya is the first oil rig to start oil production in the ice-filled waters of the Arctic. Safety culture on the rig is a joke.

    The nearby Russian Coast Guard ship quickly responds by launching inflatables manned w... Read more >

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