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Nathan Argent

Nathan Argent is the Policy Advisor for Greenpeace New Zealand based in Wellington and is a long time Greenpeace campaigner with an interest in clean technology solutions.

  • Wiping out extinction!

    Blogpost by Nathan Argent - February 7, 2013 at 19:40

    Yesterday was a good day. It was a day that my colleagues in Indonesia and around the world feared might never come. It was a day when that we have taken a huge step closer to saving remaining rainforests of Indonesia and the communities and endangered species who call them home.

    Last night, in Jakarta, the notorious rainforest destroyer Asia Pulp and Paper, the world’s third largest paper supplier and owner of New Zealand based Cottonsoft, launched its new ‘Forest Conservation Policy’ committing to “end the "clearing of natural forest" across its entire supply chain, with immediate effect[i]”.

    Many of my colleagues have invested endless hours over the last decade to expose the role that APP has played in the destruction of rainforests and persuade them to take this positive step.  Afte... Read more >

  • This cartoon by Mat Brady won the people's choice award in the TPPA cartoon competition

    When is a trade deal not a trade deal, but a grab by multinational corporations to undermine our environmental protection law?  When it’s the TPPA.

    In early December, the next round of the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPPA) negotiations will be taking place in Auckland.  But what exactly is the TPPA?  When in Asia recently, John Key was talking up his discussions with President Obama about making ‘progress on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement’. Sounds very important and must have something to do with free trade, and you would be forgiven for thinking so.

    The Government is selling us this deal as ‘a mega trade deal’, which is wrong. Much of what this actually means for New Zealand is being withheld; discussed in secret and will be withheld from the public for many years aft... Read more >


    Today we learned that the Brazilian oil giant Petrobras has handed back its licence to drill for oil in the deep waters off the East Cape. And this news has been welcomed by those communities whose beaches and livelihoods were at risk from an oil spill and the pollution that comes from oil drilling. The cultural and environmental heritage of this beautiful, pristine part of Aotearoa is now safe.

    However, this news should also be a wake-up call for Steven Joyce and his Cabinet colleagues who have pinned our economic hopes on the whims of overseas oil companies. Every effort has been made by this National Government to court some of the world’s most polluting industries, allowing them to damage the once proud reputation New Zealanders had by lobbying for the weakening environmental safegua... Read more >

  • John Key reveals himself to be the clown in charge

    Blogpost by Nathan Argent - November 27, 2012 at 16:22

    Overall, 100% Pure is a marketing campaign. It's like ... McDonalds' 'I'm Lovin It!'

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    In an extraordinary statement yesterday, Prime Minister John Key, who is also Minister for Tourism, compared our 100% Pure brand reputation to the McDonalds 'I'm Lovin It!' marketing campaign. You know, those adverts that sell you cheap fast food and high blood pressure. He glibly stated that our reputation was simply a marketing campaign and “it's got to be taken with a pinch of salt."

    He was of course talking about the brand upon which our exporters rely on as a vehicle to overseas markets, a brand that was considered amongst the most powerful on the planet and worth US$13.6 Billion to the New Zealand economy (1). All of that demolished with one smug, off-the-cuff comment to an astonished press gallery.

    With this statement, it seems John Key is deliberately lower... Read more >

  • World Bank issues calls for action on climate change

    Blogpost by Nathan Argent - November 20, 2012 at 21:56

    A message written in debris from Hurricane Sandy reads "Global Warming is Here" on the beach in a devastated area of New York. The late season hurricane drew unusual power from a warmer than usual ocean and devastated coastal New York and New Jersey. 11/04/2012 © Greenpeace

    The World Bank has released a report warning that we are on the path to a 4 degree warmer world by the end of the century - triggering devastating consequences, such as flooding of coastal cities and declining global food stocks. It is a wake-up call to our leaders to tackle climate pollution.

    The report, Turn Down the Heat: Why a 4°C Warmer World Must be Avoided , paints a bleak picture of a world in chaos: extreme weather events like the one that ravaged New York; serious problems in food production; more droughts, heat waves, water scarcity, irreversible loss of natural habitat and wildlife.

    The world that my daughter will live in will be a very different place from the one that she knows now.

    It's a depressing scenario for any parent to face, but also one that makes me more determi... Read more >

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