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Nathan Argent

Nathan Argent is the Policy Advisor for Greenpeace New Zealand based in Wellington and is a long time Greenpeace campaigner with an interest in clean technology solutions.

  • Today, the Herald trotted out a piece based on some polling they’ve done, about the recent crackdown on protesting at sea. We’ll leave you to draw your own conclusions about the responses people were offered, and the actual question. But it’s fair to say that the responses were hugely different to independent polling we commissioned.

    This new law was introduced on Easter Sunday. A good day, some might say, to announce something which you thought might draw some criticism, or be unpopular. This new law was also introduced without parliamentary scrutiny, and had to be rammed through Parliament without public consultation. It doesn’t really look like Energy and Resources Minister Simon Bridges thought it would be well received. That’s probably because it breaches international law, human righ... Read more >

  • Oil slick politics

    Blogpost by Nathan Argent - June 7, 2013 at 12:54

    Last week, documents released to the Labour Party revealed that Government Ministers Steven Joyce and Simon Bridges had met with oil giant Shell to thrash out a back-room deal to criminalise protesting at sea.

    There’s nothing new here – it’s called crony capitalism and it’s something that the John Key Government does well. It’s his bread and butter. You take a company – in this case New Zealand Inc – and you use it to line the pockets of your mates. 

    Yet, it seems that in a desperate attempt to show that the Government is wagging its own tail, Simon Bridges has been caught out misleading Parliament. Originally telling Parliament that he had had no contact with oil companies about the controversial law changes, it has emerged that he had met with Shell just weeks before making his draconia... Read more >

  • Experts dismay at Key's attack on the RMA

    Blogpost by Nathan Argent - May 27, 2013 at 15:37

    Good, clean and smart economic policy must be based on good, sensible environmental safeguards. It’s the only way we can look forward to a more prosperous future.

    Yet John Key’s government, under the guidance of economic hatchet man Steven Joyce, are about to risk our future prosperity. They’re about to set fire to the very fabric of our clean green reputation: the RMA.

    New analysis released today by the conservation powerhouse Fish and Game and former Prime Minister and constitutional expert Sir Geoffrey Palmer cuts right to the heart of the matter. Our nation will be poorer if the government’s planned changes to the RMA go ahead. Our rivers, lakes and coastlines will be under threat from more pollution. Our neighbourhoods swallowed up by new developments. And you’ll even lose your right... Read more >

  • John Key and the Oil Cowboys

    Blogpost by Nathan Argent - May 2, 2013 at 10:18

    The threat posed to our marine and coastal environment by the Texas oil company, Anadarko

    “This government is very clear, we won't let cowboys operate here in New Zealand”. That’s what our Prime Minister John Key said as he welcomed a wagon trail of ten gallon hat-wearing oil executives in Auckland this week.

    The thing is, Key is bending over backwards to welcome cowboy oil operators to our waters. And you don’t get more cowboy than one particular Texan company.

    The company is Anadarko and they were heavily involved in  the Deepwater Horizon catastrophe in the Gulf of Mexico. It was the worst environmental disaster in American history.

    An investigation published yesterday exposes just how involved they were. They were up to their oily elbows in the disaster.

    The dirty dossier against them is compelling. The Government's crackdown on our proud tradition of protest at sea lo...

    Read more >
  • Love and Money

    Blogpost by Nathan Argent - April 24, 2013 at 10:27

    The passing of the Marriage Equality Bill last week was a triumph of bi-partisan politics.

    Our elected leaders were able to think for themselves, ignore party doctrine and speak honestly about the concerns of their constituents.

    It was celebrated in news headlines across the globe, and it made me proud to call New Zealand home.

    But on the same day, the National led-Government, bound by doctrine and blinded by ideology, voted to make protesting at sea illegal. It is the latest move by Steven Joyce and John Key to re-write our laws and roll back our environmental safeguards to suit overseas oil companies.

    Companies like Texan oil giant Anadarko have been spooked by how much we care about our beaches and the sea that we fish and swim in. So they’ve been meeting behind closed doors with Min... Read more >

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