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Nick Young

Nick has worked with Greenpeace for more than 10 years and is now Head of Digital at Greenpeace NZ.

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  • Banners on the beach for oil free seas

    Blogpost by Nick Young - November 25, 2013 at 15:16

    What an amazing turnout for Banners on the Beach!

    Little more than two weeks ago we put a call out for a mobilisation on the beach to support the Oil Free Seas flotilla.

    That’s not much lead in time but on Saturday we saw over 5000 people on more than 45 beaches get out and get loud!

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    There were haka and there were chants of 1 2 3 4 Anadarko Out the Door, there was laughter and there were banners. Lots of banners with lots of different slogans.

    But there was one clear message: Deep Sea Drilling is not welcome in NZ waters.

    Below is a collection of photos of the people by the people, and you can shoot over to facebook and tag yourself or your mates. (If you’ve got photos to add please email them to with the beach in the subject line.)

    And it’s not over yet ...

  • David 'Haussy' Haussmann is one of the 'Arctic 30' detained in Russia and charged with piracy for a peaceful protest against Arctic oil drilling.

    Below is a letter from David to everyone who's supported him over the past 28 days:

    To publish – post to everyone who has written to me / 13-10-13

    To my ‘big whanau’ out there,

    I can’t put it any more simply than thanks. Some of you I know, some I’ve heard of, some I’ll never even meet.

    Your kind thoughts, support and humour means a lot to me right now, it is the simple things in life.

    In the words of an old and trusted work mate and friend, “what is this monkey business?”

    I have no idea, just more questions than answers. The only thing I am sure of is the thing that ties us all together, the want of a ‘clean, green and peaceful planet’.

    It’s imposs... Read more >

  • We need 30 Twitter millionaires to #FreeTheArctic30

    Blogpost by Nick Young - October 4, 2013 at 11:32
    We just found out that our friends are being charged with piracy for standing up to Gazprom. It’s an incredibly serious charge and carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in a Russian jail. Please tweet these people with millions of followers to help #FreeTheArctic30.

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    UPDATE: The Twitter millionaire tally is growing rapidly: showing their support for the Arctic 30 are Stephen FryRussell BrandAlejandro SanzEugenio DerbézMarcelo TinelliMurat DalkiliçJared LetoFrankie BoyleCafé TacubaNeil GaimanSimon PeggDavina McCallAnne-Curtis SmithJugs Jugueta, and Deepak Chopra.

     It’s an outrage. These 30 men and women were acting peacefully and with all of our futures at heart. Now it’s our turn to step up to help them. It’s time to create a global outcry - the ...

  • It has been ten years since you, and many around the world, have joined us on our journey to end deforestation in Indonesia.

    To mark this occasion, we are launching 'Down to Zero'. This is the extraordinary story of what you and millions of other people have helped us achieve for Indonesia's forests and wildlife in just one short decade.

    In 2003, Indonesia's rainforests were disappearing faster than any other forest on earth. Powerful, family-controlled businesses were destroying an area of rainforest the size of Belgium every year to make cheap paper, packaging, palm oil and timber.

    In the last ten years, you have been with us on every step of this journey: stopping ships carrying illegal timber, blocking the drainage canals that destroy Indonesia's peatlands,... Read more >

  • In passing the 'Anadarko Amendment' yesterday the Government once again perverted the New Zealand Story by putting big business ahead of New Zealanders.

    It is a toady legislation that criminalises crucial aspects of protesting at sea; it's an affront to New Zealand’s democracy and to our long held right and proud tradition of peaceful protest at sea. It is obviously designed to placate foreign oil companies nervous about coming to New Zealand after seeing the rough ride given to Petrobas off the East Cape, but it’s backfired. It’s been so badly done and is so unpopular that it’s really just demonstrated to big foreign oil companies that deep sea drilling in New Zealand is not a safe bet.

    New Zealand once sent a cabinet minister with the NZ Navy aboard the HMNZS Otago and the HMNZS Cante... Read more >

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