Head-in-hands.jpgI’m feeling a bit despondent. I’m sure we used to write positive blogs on the Greenpeace site. In amongst news of rising global emissions and melting icecaps, I’m certain there used to be the occasional cheery reminder that all is not lost.

Not this week. This week I am cursing daily and sporting a permanently furrowed brow. It deepens when I scan the media, and see things like the warning from the Dominion Post’s Political Editor that New Zealand is at high risk of becoming a “climate change hillbilly”.

Things like Herald Economics Correspondent Brian Fallow’s observation that:


When it comes to New Zealand climate-change policy there are three things you can count on. Unfortunately they are all bad. One is relentless, untrammelled growth in the country ’s greenhouse gas emissions... the second is emitters’ desire to offload the cost of those emissions on to taxpayers. And the third is endless investment uncertainty for business”.


Then today, the best yet. A leading New Zealand carbon trader has spoken out in Carbon News about the embarrassment New Zealand should feel on the world stage, because of our dallying over climate policy.


We have just fallen off the radar in Europe. They are saying ‘all you do is talk. You’ve been talking since 1992. You are all talk and no action. You maintain that you are so clean and green and try to be leaders and all you do is nothing. You make a decision and then you change your minds. How can we do business with people like that? We can’t take your seriously’."


John Key heads off to meet her Majesty next week. He’ll also drop in on UK PM Gordon Brown, who’s government is understood to be none-too-pleased with recent climate backtracks in the Antipodes.

When will Key see the gravitas of all this? Soon I hope; my forehead is beginning to hurt…..