Audacious Australians
MACKAY AUSTRALIA - Greenpeace activists in inflatables targeted a queue of almost 50 coal ships at Hay Point port in Queensland and are currently painting them with climate change protest messages such as: 'RUDD EXPORTING CO2', 'BARRIER REEF GONE', 'ICE CAPS GONE' and 'STOP COAL EXPANSION'. The peaceful action is to highlight the Rudd Government's plans to rapidly expand coal exports, when the world is trying to cut global emissions (c) Greenpeace 2008

Greenpeace activists are currently painting queued coal ships at Hay Point port in Queensland with messages for the Rudd Government to make a serious commitment to a renewable energy future for Australia.

The activists came from the Greenpeace ship the Esperanza and drove up to the coal ships in inflatable boats while they were anchored in the queue, painting the messages along the sides.

The action highlights the Rudd Government’s plans to rapidly expand Australia’s coal exports when the world is trying to cut global emissions.

Update: Police have arrived on the scene and have boarded one of the inflatables.

A recent poll shows that 82% of Australians want their export coal industry to be capped or reduced. That makes sense if you’re trying to stop dangerous climate change. But Kevin Rudd plans to double Australia’s export coal capacity. His planned expansions would cause more carbon emissions than Australia’s entire current national greenhouse emissions.

It doesn’t make sense. Kevin Rudd talks about urgently needing to reduce Australia’s emissions, then he plans to double our coal exports. They are still Australia's emissions, Kevin, even if they’re burning in another country.

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