Whale Of A Day

Mesmerizing timelapse video showing the making of a 17 metre fin whale sand sculpture on Bondi Beach, Sydney. Sculpture by Greenpeace activists and sand sculptures, video by Keith Loutit, music by Headstrong and Shelley Harland.

The sculpture was done as a protest against whaling, and in support of two Japanese activists who are facing up to 10 years in jail for exposing a whale meat smuggling scandal. If you don't have tons of sand handy, you can still support them as well.

Here's how:

1) Sign the Tokyo Two petition telling the Japanese government, "If defending whales is a crime, arrest me."

2) Change your Facebook/Skype/whatever status to, "Wanted in Japan ;-)". (Winky smiley face optional, depending if you're a winky smiley face kind of person.)