When we were in Wellington on the Global Day of Action on Climate Change [6th Dec] a small group of activists in did a demo outside a store selling products produced from illegally logged Kwila in Auckland. The protest happened to coincide with the launch of our forest friendly furniture guide. And, a few days later and BINGO! the store agreed to stop selling Kwila products!
"Mr. Walsh of the Design Warehouse agreed on Saturday that he would not import anymore Kwila products. Rainforest Action is happy, but there are many more companies to go this summer, and it is important to know that we will be watching. If new kwila appears at the design warehouse, we will return..."
This weekend they're going to do it again, and they need your support...

Come join the demo outside the Four Seasons furniture outlet in Wairau Park this Saturday 20th December between 1pm and 3pm. Four Seasons continue to sell illegally logged Kwila products and received a C- in the Greenpeace forest friendly furniture guide.