Framing goes in at Akiraho Street (C) GREENPEACE / TAYLOR
Framing goes in at Akiraho Street

It's been a fairly intense last three weeks on the job at Akiraho St, the new Greenpeace head office refit is ploughing ahead. The acceleration in the work programme has continued and there are days now where we see up to 20 contractors on site. It has to be this way now as Greenpeace has decided on a move in date and this is now only one month away!

We've seen the main insulation works completed on the main floor, courtesy of Eco-Insulation who've provided materials and installation at a cut priced rate we couldn't ignore. The product is 95% wool and it's automatically made a huge difference in the air temperature inside as the thermal value has been increased immensely. The other major difference this has bought is sound insulation from rain on the roof and with the amount of rain we've been having of recent weeks it's been a good test of the acoustic dampening the product also achieves. Thoroughly recommended.

Concrete holes have been cut to accommodate the new staircase from the reception floor and the new disability lift we are going to install next year. Again another supplier cut a massive amount off their normal charges to assist Greenpeace, this time Lowery Supacutters.

Pre-line plumbing work has also been completed courtesy of Nor-West plumbing services and flew through the council inspection. Talking of inspections we've also completed the pre-line building inspection of the main office areas and now we've moved into plasterboard lining and stopping which is where we are currently at on the main floors above ground level. And added to this today we've also gone through the first fire lining inspection today with Auckland city council.

As I've mentioned before the fire rating of the new building is one of the largest parts of the project. Our plans have us changing the internal configuration of the building and what was compliant in 1963 when the building was built no longer comes up to compliance so we need to spend a lot of effort, time and money to ensure that we have the safest possible environment for our staff in the event of fire. This means fire rating exit ways, ensuring the alarm is of the highest spec, preserving the integrity of fire-cells (especially difficult when cutting holes in floors) and emergency lighting. It's a mine field but absolutely necessary. The fire alarm system has been wired and passed by Fire Inspection services and most of the burglar system is also been wired in too. Greene Security have assisted us here and destroyed their margins to help.

The electricians ably led by Nikolas Tz have been furiously wiring trying to keep ahead of everyone and on some days we have 4 or 5 sparkies in the building. The re wiring of the building has been a major undertaking as well but when we are done there is no doubt what we have is going to be of a very high specification.

So moving along over the last week has seen a lot of plasterboard installed and stopped. Brown Holdings NZ and G8 interior group have been integral in this and special thanks to both Nicholas and Emanuel from each of these companies respectively who again have really sliced a lot off their normal commercial rates to help Greenpeace. Cheers guys.

I've talked about the retrofitting of double glazing in the office areas before courtesy of Metro Glasstech and I am pleased to report that we now have all of the ground floor areas in and installed. The upper levels will be completed over the next couple of weeks, weather permitting. Another weather dependent job we've been focussing on over the last week is installation of the passive roof vents. These are now all in and are going to make a huge difference in airflow through the office space and once the four mechanical roof vents go in, which will complement these, especially on those warm still summer days we'll have the ventilation plan completed and installed. Ellflow Mechanical have assisted here and yet again have really dropped their prices for us.

Don Stodart has joined the team onsite over the last week as well and is currently completing the new staircase from reception to the first floor. A combination of New Guinea Rosewood and Tasmanian Oak from eco sources we have selected from the wide range of certified wood products from Timspec in Mt Roskill. Check them out sometime, they really do have a good range of exotic hardwoods that come from sustainable sources from all over the region. It's going to look great and we ought to have it in this week.


The new window
The new window

Our recycled villa window has gone into the reception wall next to the front door and this has served to alter the outside character of the building. Lastly work has commenced on the installation of the new servers which are going to carry the new voice over internet protocol phone system we are going to install.


Painting will likely start this coming weekend in areas we have stopped as well so it looks like we are on the home stretch now. Thanks to everyone who've helped up until now, it's a big job this one and by the look of it with everyone's help we've managed to save in the order of 300 thousand dollars. That's fantastic news because this means that money can be used on our campaigns and that's why we are here after all.


The hazzardous materieal unit washdown
The hazzardous materieal unit washdown

And off subject somewhat there was a fire next door a couple of weeks ago with a full Hazardous Materials unit response which closed down the whole street with about a dozen fire appliances. I have to say I was a bit concerned when I came to work that day that nothing had happened to our new home, fortunately it had not, but a bit unfortunate to the company next door. The fire department had to use our car park for their decontamination zone and we had two plumbers stuck in the building as well who couldn't get out.