Greenpeace Political Adviser Geoff Keey is back in Bonn for the latest round of UN climate talks in the lead up to Copenhagen in December. Here begins his account of the ins and outs of the most crucial negotiations of our time….

Is New Zealand taking the piss?

That was the question someone asked of me today about New Zealand's approach to the climate change negotiations.

After months of procrastination, New Zealand has announced to delegates here at Bonn that it will offer a 2020 target for cuts in greenhouse gas pollution, but not yet.

Two months ago, New Zealand was supposed to offer a target and it's now one of only a few countries that are still holding out.  It's getting to be a pretty lonely position.  One of the other laggards - Iceland - announced its proposed target today, although it's fairly pathetic, earning it a Fossil of the Day award.

The other news is in today's announcement by New Zealand Climate Change Ambassador Adrian Macey is that the Government will consult New Zealanders on setting an emissions reduction target for 2020.

It plans to consult between now and August, then announce the target.

I hope this is not just another excuse for delay, but a serious attempt to involve the public in making an ambitious offer in the climate change talks

When New Zealand reneged on its promise to deliver a target to the Bonn climate change negotiations at the end of March, Ambassador Macey offering the excuse that the Government and Parliament was too busy reviewing the Emissions Trading Scheme.

As readers of this blog will know, Greenpeace, and a wide range of high-profile New Zealanders, are calling for New Zealand to commit to a 2020 target of 40%. See  Now's the time to get on board so the Government adopts a target that New Zealanders can hold their heads high about.