Dust off your tongs, bangers, cupcakes and koha buckets- it's time to get Key to Copenhagen! Tomorrow we launch a very important part of the Sign On campaign - a fundraising drive help John Key get to the most crucial meeting in history.

At this point, the Prime Minister says he might just stay home. Heresy. Nearly 130,000 New Zealanders have Signed On to say they support John Key going to the December talks in Copenhagen and Signing On to a 40% by 2020 emissions reduction target. Make no mistake, this meeting will rise or fall on leadership.


Bureaucrats will just table the same old shit. Copenhagen's success is going to come down to vision and courage, and the most powerful people in the world standing up and going "okay, let's do this". If Key doesn't go, it suggests to the world that New Zealand does not take this global crisis seriously.

We'll be launching Key to Copenhagen in style, with "Darby's Barbie" outside the Warehouse in Newmarket, Auckland. Head chef Rhys Darby reckons he's a bit of a whizz with bangers: "Some say I'm pretty handy on the barbie after two years working as a BBQ sales technician. So I'd like to prove this in order to get Mr. John Key to the ball. Come along and witness a classic Darby Barbie, bring your gumboots and sunnies and support our leader making it to the most important meeting in history. Don't be a silly sausage, buy one off one!"

Meanwhile similar activities will be taking place around the country, from Christchurch, to Motueka to Hamilton.

What can you do from the comfort of your desk chair? Chip in 5 bucks. There may never be a better cause: