Junichi Sato is not only a whale activist in Japan (and there ain't many people who can put THAT on their business card), he's also a blogger. And he's been arrested for the crime of exposing the truth

We're asking bloggers around the world to blog this story in solidarity with Junichi and blog him out of jail!

AFP reported

"Sato, writing on his blog shortly before his arrest, appealed for a continued probe into the alleged whale meat embezzlement."I just want to appeal to the hearts of people involved in the whale embezzlement case: 'Do you think it's alright to remain silent?'" Sato wrote.

"If Japan wants to take the lead as an environmentally advanced country, please, conduct diplomacy that can turn international friction into cooperation." Junichi is a prominent anti-whaling voice in the media in Japan, and his arrest, along with colleague Toru Suzuki, on the eve of the International Whaling Commission meeting is probably not a coincidence. Some media in Japan are saying that the arrest, covered on television, was a warning to other activist groups that as the G8 approaches, voices of dissent in Japan will not be tolerated.

Kyodo Reported:

While he disagrees with Greenpeace's anti-whaling stance, journalist Takao Saito said the way the police arrested the two men and the way they investigated the group as ''heavy-handed."''(Greenpeace) is functioning as a whistleblower in our society so the authorities should give them a fair hearing to what they have to say. ''
So, to the barricades, bloggers -- let's GET THE TOKYO TWO OUT OF JAIL.

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Go forth and blog!

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P.S. Junichi shares a name with a Japanese director who is best known for directing Sailor Moon episodes. THAT Junichi Sato is not in jail, but I bet we could get our Junichi sprung if we started a rumour that he's the Sailor Moon guy. Hello, Kitty -- there is no force in Japanese culture stronger than teenage girls.

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