25 activists, including two Kiwis, have been arrested by armed Russian Coast Guard. The crew of the Arctic Sunrise had been peacefully protesting against risky drilling at an oil rig in the Arctic when the Russian Coast Guard, using helicopters and ropes, illegally boarded and detained the activists.

Greenpeace International activists locked inside the radio room of the boat said they saw the activists held on their knees with guns pointed at them. Earlier on Wednesday, the Coast Guard had arrested and held without charge two Greenpeace activists who had scaled Gazprom’s drill platform.

The head of Greenpeace International Kumi Naidoo said:

“This illegal boarding of a peaceful protest ship highlights the extreme lengths that the Russian government will go to to keep Gazprom’s dangerous Arctic drilling away from public scrutiny.”

The names of the arrested crew, including the two New Zealanders protesting in the icy waters, have not been released for legal reasons but you can follow live updates from the Arctic and around the world as supporters stand together to back these incredibly brave protesters here.

Take Action: Send a message to the Russian Embassy now to demand the release of the Arctic Sunrise and its crew, and an end to Arctic oil drilling.

Here’s how the story has unfolded so far: