We've adopted John Key's famous blue plaster cast as the motif for the Sign On campaign and it's catching on.  The lads from Huffer took it upon themselves to produce a special range of t-shirts which they're selling through the Warehouse, our ambassadors are wearing blue casts at public events, they're popping up on Facebook profiles and now, curiously, a number of iconic statues around Wellington are also sporting blue arms.

What's next?  How would you like to wear the campaign's heart on your sleeve?

Here's a short video explaining how we made our casts and here's our challenge for you.


  • Make yourself a blue cast - use an old blue sock, blue bandage, the arm of an old blue jumper or the real deal.
  • Wear it out - to school, work or at play...
  • Send us a picture of you out and about in your cast (or a local statue or landmark) to , use it for your Facebook profile, stick it on Bebo post it to Flickr (there will be prizes for the most creative!)
  • Tell us how you made it
  • Spread the word!