Greenpeace China US Ad
Greenpeace China US Ad
This advertisement appears today in China's biggest daily newspaper, to coincide with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s visit to Beijing.

The ad, and a series of other activities undertaken by Greenpeace China in the lead up to Clinton’s visit, all call for one thing – unprecedented cooperation between the US and China on climate change. Because time is fast running out, and if China and the US can’t work together, agree a way forward and lead by example, then we’re all a bit stuffed.

It’s now only nine months until UN climate talks culminate in Copenhagen. , There, the international community must agree on urgent and dramatic action to avert the looming climate disaster and put the world on a path to a sustainable, more survivable future. Strong leadership from the US and China, acting together, is essential if an agreement in Copenhagen is to be reached. They’re the two biggest players and all eyes are on them.

It won’t be easy. There have been eight years of mistrust between the two nations, with the Bush administration using every opportunity to trash and blame China for global emissions when it has been equally guilty itself. But Obama brings new hope, and Clinton is making the right noises. There have already been encouraging signs about cooperation between the two countries on renewable energy and energy efficiency.

By bringing their energy efficiency and renewable energy industries together, the USA and China can create a new development model that meets energy demands and generates millions of green jobs without sacrificing human health or the environment.

Greenpeace China Campaign Director Sze Pang Cheung
Greenpeace China Campaign Director Sze Pang Cheung: “Together, the Obama administration and China have an historic opportunity to take the decisive leadership needed to end both the serious economic crisis the world has faced in decades and the most profound environmental crisis humanity has ever faced - climate change. The current economic crisis provides an unprecedented opportunity to make investments in a way that creates jobs, rebuilds critical infrastructure and lays the foundation for a new energy economy in both nations.”

If China and the US take a leadership role, we have a chance.