Culture jamming the Eiffel Tower (C) Greenpeace / Xavier Pardessus
Culture jamming the Eiffel Tower (C)
Greenpeace / Xavier Pardessus

French state nuclear company Areva sponsored a nice ring of EU stars for the Eiffel Tower - probably to kiss up to President Sarkozy (who also serves as a kind of "nuclear power salesman in chief"). Some Greenpeace France activists decided it would be nice to complete the picture with a nuclear hazard symbol. (you might remember AREVA from the Americas Cup race in New Zealand a few years back)


From the International Herald Tribune:


About 15 environmental activists climbed the Eiffel Tower on Sunday to unfurl a banner protesting against France's nuclear energy policies, on the day when it hosts a major summit of heads of state.


Campaign group Greenpeace said the banner showing the nuclear logo was placed in the middle of a circle of stars representing the European Union displayed on the tower to mark France's six-month term as EU president.

"Since he was elected, President Nicolas Sarkozy has done everything he could to sell nuclear energy," said Frederic Marillier of the French section of Greenpeace in a statement.

"At the U.N., as head of the European council, or just recently at the G8, he has behaved like a travelling salesman for Areva and has used political platforms to promote French nuclear power," Marillier said, referring to the French nuclear energy producer Areva.


More on the Greenpeace International website, and a Guardian article about last weeks nuclear spill (in case you missed it).