Kia Orana!

Here we are finally on the Esperanza. Man, it’s pretty amazing, not sure what I had expected but it has definitely blown my mind! It’s huge – and there is a fabulous crew on board. It’s very humbling to be around a group of people who are all passionate about the planet.

The flight was a breeze! I even managed to watch a couple of films and read up a bit on climate change in the Pacific and around the World. The locals upon our arrival were fabulous; they’re all excited about the ship being at the wharf and are very welcoming to Greenpeace. It goes to show how grateful they are that we are giving them a helping hand. There was a public open boat this afternoon before we arrived and we’ve been told there were hundreds of visitors on board, some people even came through twice!

Me at Cook Islands customsWhilst packing last night, which took me a while as I’ve never been the type of girl to pack lightly, it really hit me how important this journey is. I have been totally overwhelmed by people’s support and have even shed tears over some comments on this blog. The more I learn and throw myself into it, the more I want to help. I know I can’t do it alone but knowing that we’re in it together taking steps over-joys me. Finally, we’re coming together to help one another – this is my vision of the perfect World.

A jam-packed day tomorrow and there will be lots to report, it’s a lovely evening and I believe a group walk is planned.

Stay tuned, as I’ll be keeping y’all updated as often as possible, I’m also updating Twitter when exciting stuff happens and keeping my Sign On Facebook group up to date If your friends and family haven’t Signed On yet, get them to - it’s for the most important cause.

Love & light –

Keisha. x

[Images of the pacific Impacts tour are here]