Target Climate Change BannerDay one: The release of our report into the Government's Emissions Trading Scheme and the launch of a six week ship tour aboard the Rainbow Warrior!

The weather didn't play along. Drizzle, a concrete sky, slippery deck. But there's always a rail to hold on to... onwards and upwards!

The report went out on the wires and the website early. The campaign team gathered here on the Warrior to promote it, and the tour. At 9am, we hoisted a giant banner between the ship's masts reading: "Target Climate Change". It flapped about happily, looked fantastic and left no doubt about the theme of the tour.

Coffee. Then another.

Carmen GravattAnd then the media onslaught began. It seems no amount of rain can deter young reporters these days! First the local community newspaper, then TV 3, who did a live cross from the quay, then TVNZ arrived to interview Carmen (our lead campaigner), and ship captain Derek Nicholls. They even stuck around long enough to get some incriminating footage of another of our Indian lunch banquets, courtesey of Babu (the Rainbow Warrior's chef, otherwise known as "absolutely most important crew member").

Interviewing captain Derek NichollsI even got to play TV journalist at one point (well, I was tasked with holding one of those big fuzzy microphones at an angle at least...apparently i showed great promise.)

Meanwhile all the major radio networks were running the story of our report, and even the Prime Minister was talking about it.

All in all a great day, and a very positive start to what's going to be an amazing tour.

If you want to read the report you can grab it over at the Greenpeace NZ website here.