Errecting the barricade


Yesterday Greenpeace activists barricaded the entrance to Fonterra's corporate headquarters in Auckland . After releasing the damning exposé of Fonterra's links to the destruction of rainforests in Indonesia, we are delivering the evidence directly to Fonterra's staff.

A swarm of very smartly dressed Greenpeace activists converged upon the Fonterra HQ in Auckland. Two teams went inside the building and moved through Fonterra's offices, handing out information to staff, and installing speakers inside the building's lifts, each of which have a recorded message addressing Fonterra's staff

A third team erected a multimedia barricade in the main entrance.

The activists uploaded images and video live via mobile phones which you can still see here.

If Fonterra feels enough pressure from New Zealanders it will be forced to stop supporting the currently unsustainable palm plantation industry.

Fonterra and the NZ Government must put an end to New Zealand's importation of palm kernel grown on areas of destroyed rainforest.
Deforestation in South East Asia is driving climate change and pushing endangered species like the orangutan to the brink of extinction.
Twelve months after Fonterra's connection to the palm industry was exposed by the 'Sunday Star Times' and Greenpeace, the dairy giant has only increased the quantities of palm kernel it buys to feed its dairy herd.
Fonterra has implicated New Zealand in this shocking aspect of the palm industry through its unnecessary use of palm kernel. The rapid industrialisation of dairying in New Zealand, driven by Fonterra, is driving the increased use of palm kernel as a supplementary feed. Greenpeace New Zealand maintains that relying on pasture and local alternatives for emergency drought relief, such as maize silage, which is grown by New Zealand farmers, are the best options for reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Send a message directly to Fonterra here