Hello from Santiago, Chile, where the Greenpeace Whales team is gathering for this years International Whaling Commission meeting. There'll be more news in the coming days like an update on today's "Future of the IWC" discussion - but I I couldn't pass up the opportunity to pass up this little nugget appeared in various media. According to ABC's Shane McLeod, based in Tokyo, the Japanese Foreign Ministry has asked any Japanese people in Chile to avoid talking about whaling.

"The warning says Japanese people should not draw attention to themselves, they should avoid going to the five-star hotel [Sheraton] where the IWC meeting is being held, and to steer clear of anti-whaling rallies... The guidelines also warn against going out at night, and to refrain from talking carelessly about whaling in front of other people."

This is a curious warning indeed... and a little over the top. Why shouldn't there be open, intelligent dialog on whaling, or any other environmental or biodiversity issue. Or any issue at all? One suspects that the large Japanese delegation attending the IWC are exempt from not talking about whales. Two Greenpeace Japan colleagues are also here for the meeting, Kyoko and Wakao. I think they most certainly will be talking about whaling!

Stay tuned for more from Santiago... where there's going to be a lot of talking about whales in the next week or so.

Other news: US House or Representatives passes resolution to stop whaling.