My name is Dan - and I do this thing called Huffer - and we have partnered with Greenpeace, and their SIGN ON campaign to help encourage John Key to commit to 40% lower emissions from this killer country called:

DanNew Zealand.

I am super enthused about being part of this project, and I really hope that John can help New Zealand:


- so that we can:  do   ' I T ' :

and commit to the ambitious target of lowering New Zealand's green house gas emissions by 40% by 2020.

John has already said that New Zealand WILL commit to 10% maaaybe 20, so with a stretch, some original thinking and some stellar team work - why not 40 %?

Greenhouse gas emissions, and their effect on the environment are a contentious issue, with a broad range of opinion from a mega mix of politicians, the general public, and more importantly - environmental commentators and scientists.

- I am a bit of a clothing scientist, but I am a liiittlle in the dark when it comes to understanding how many microns of carbon need to NOT be in our atmosphere, and with this in mind - I had a little browse around the interweb to help myself understand the issue better, - and I stumbled upon this uber geek - who explains things in a very distilled way that even a bubble head such as myself can understand.

We are selling a handful of tee's in the red shed - YES, that right - we here at Huffer have made some mates at The Warehouse, its a little love affair, a 'short and fashionable fling' perhaps ?? , - and if you get in there - for a very limited time ( September only - probably less than the full month cause the tee's are HOT - and gonna go quick) you will get a pretty fresh HUFFER tee for a hella price conscious price of $30 bucks.

- We have gone price point with this product, because we can - due to the red shed's buying power, and most importantly we have engaged with the Warehouse to help HIT the wide market segment that the Warehouse engages with - to get maximum exposure for this issue:

 - the health of our planet.

We are putting the planet earth first, and trying to help inspire a true sense of team work among the bunch of fuglies that is us (Huffer), John key, the NZ government, NZ industry, Greenpeace, that cheeky carbon stuff and the rest of the peoples on this beautiful planet.

It will be great to work together, to stay true to our own slogan, the phrase which was coined a little whiles back:

100% PURE.

Lets do this. And have fun doing it as the COMMUNITY that is NEW ZEALAND.

- togetherness.

- dan