June 5 is World Environment Day and across New Zealand hundreds of people will “freeze” together to show united action for climate change. The Freeze will take place for 5 minutes at 1pm in cities throughout New Zealand - the exact locations will only be revealed the day before.

Apparently the event has been arranged by someone known only as "Mr Freeze", a mysterious character who has sent out the call for “humans to freeze on World Environment Day”.

Here's a video of a previous Freeze that Mr Freeze may or may not have been involved in ...

Mr Freeze says, "We had a massive turn-out for Freeze 2008 in Wellington, and this year it's gone ice-stronomical.  New Zealanders of all ages and backgrounds are recognising the importance of stopping and taking a stand, as now - more than ever  - the world needs our call for climate solutions.  You can freeze mid-stride. You can freeze with a pie. You can freeze falling over, or freeze on your bike. You can freeze hugging, kissing, laughing or praying. Do as you please. Just freeze."

Nick Potter, Personal Assistant to Mr Freeze and lead co-ordinator of a team of volunteers, says “If there was ever a time for you to get involved - it's now. 2009 is a crucial year of action and in December, a new global climate treaty will be negotiated in Copenhagen. We need to come together and send the message that global agreement is essential and that bold and urgent action is needed.”

Although this event is being held on World Environment Day, Mr Potter emphasised that "Climate change is far from just an environmental issue. It is an economic issue, as our livelihoods will be dramatically affected if we don't take strong action now. It is also a moral issue, as climate change hits the world's poorest people the hardest. Global warming is totally within our grasp to freeze and reverse - we simply need to show our courage to act."

People can join the Freeze and find out more at www.freezenz.wordpress.com