Albatross (C) GREENPEACE / Sharomov
Albatross (C) GREENPEACE / Sharomov
This is from Pablo, written in, as he puts it, “International Brokken English”

I remember when I start my primary school and I visit the house of my classmate I didn’t understand why they don't have books of birds and some one them don’t have library at home. I was born looking to my father doing that reading names of birds in Latin, writing about birds and talking about birds wherever we went.

Well, I remember when I was child me and my brother sit in the table trying to understand why my father was always looking for a new books of birds and he was in front of us trying to teach us how read the handbooks by taxonomy, community, family, species. I remember my brother counting the page of the books (he is a really good biologist now) and I was looking all the pictures. Something that I can not remember is how many times my father, my brother and me we went to so many small lakes just to see birds, with binoculars, some books, paper and pens.

Some years later we went to climb in the small range in the NW of Argentina and we saw a bird and somebody took a picture. When we came back to home my father was watching the picture and he start to study about that bird and he discover that didn’t exist any information about that bird in the region and we were almost all the time helping him and start to understand his passion, we are discovering something that nobody now about that bird!!!

We continue climbing there and in others region and always wildlife around, condors, haws, a lot smalls birds, lamas, snakes, pumas. But the condor with his big wind always flying around. The past year we visit a region in Brazil that is called Pantanal (huge swamp in English) and there for me was wonderful. Thousands of bird flying around and tooking pictures and pictures. From my first time there we visit some times more and each time in the Paraguay River and his Bays and tributaries was at list 1000 pictures of birds. For me the photo is just a small part of the nature without any kind of consequences for the environment, can enjoy time and feel that we are a microscopically part of the nature and not the boss of it.