Tatas vs Turtles
Tatas vs Turtles
The latest in the campaign to stop the Tata industrial giant wiping out the Olive Ridley Turtle in India is this great new mobilisation site from Greenpeace India.

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Here's a bit of history:

It’s hard to say when the story began, but it was certainly long before any one around today was even born… sea turtles have been nesting at Gahirmatha on the Orissa coast for hundreds, possibly thousands of years. But if we don’t act now, we could see this change within a decade – an eye blink in geological timescales. The Dhamra port near Gahirmatha will push the endangered olive ridley sea turtle closer to the slippery edge of extinction.

A few years ago (2004 to be precise), the TATAs, together with L&T, decided this part of the coast could not be left in its pristine state but would be ‘benefited’ by building one of India’s largest ports at Dhamra. This is less than 15 km. from the turtle mass nesting beaches at Gahirmatha, and just five kilometres from the Bhitarkanika National Park, India’s second largest mangrove forest and home to the saltwater crocodile, aside from other lesser known natural wonders.

Not surprisingly, the plan immediately met with considerable protest from conservation circles. Added to this were the social dimensions. Concerned about the impacts from this project on the local environment and therefore their livelihoods, the Orissa Traditional Fishworker’s Union, who represent the concerns and interests of over 100,000 fishermen, vocally and publicly opposed the construction of the port. Read more about the turtles' struggle against the Tatas.