Last night – at approximately 18:30 – our communications equipment took a direct hit. After providing nearly 2 million transmissions of our latest Rebellion underground message “VW: The Dark Side”, our YouTube films and channel were taken down. And now moments ago, Vimeo took them down.

Our rebel engineers have been working shifts through the night out in the coldest depths of cyberspace to try and locate the source of the attack, and to keep the videos live on across the internet. 

You can download and watch them with these links (right click to download, then open with your favorite video player): Episode I, Episode II

There are many communications from around the YouTube Galaxy including Star Wars characters – indeed dozens of spoofs of exactly the same advert. Which begs the question: who had a hand in attacking our communications channels?

We cannot know for certain – indeed the damage is so significant that all of the Rebellion’s communications have been hit (including our recent campaign against Barbie’s Forest clearings on Endor, for example). But despite this heavy attack, the Rebellion is undeterred and will take whatever means necessary to protect Planet Earth.

We must remain focused on our mission. Whatever dark forces are amassing, the rebellion’s task is clear: to convince VW to support important laws on CO2 emissions and make cleaner cars.

We must act before it is too late.

Grab your Lightsaber and get down to one of Volkswagen’s Facebook pages. Right there, with a few clicks on your communications unit, you can add a message to their wall. Tell VW to ‘turn away from the Dark Side’ or post your favourite Star Wars quote. Your planet depends on it.

Rise up, Jedi.

VW's Facebook pages (download and use this Darth VWader avatar):

Costa Rica:
Middle East: