Here's an interesting little campaign that's sprung up in response to the new National Government's back peddling on climate change -- Don't Be A Rodney, John Key

This is from the website:

The world is watching. On Tuesday 18 November, Barack Obama made a powerful statement that was heard around the globe: "Now is the time to confront this challenge once and for all. Delay is no longer an option. Denial is no longer an acceptable response. The stakes are too high. The consequences, too serious."

Delay? Denial? He's talking about Rodney! It's a simple campaign based around the premise that the Nats are being held hostage by Rodney Hide's wacky views on climate and asks reasonable kiwis to write to John Key and ask for a bit of backbone on climate.

It's time for the 96% of us who didn't vote for Rodney to speak up. We still have time to make things right - and in his first weeks in the job, we know John Key wiill be listening.

So give yourself a voice, and tell John Key not to be a Rodney - tell him to be like Barack.