Kathy, on board communications officer (C) GREENPEACE / Sharomov
Kathy, on board communications officer (C) GREENPEACE / Sharomov
My name's Kathy, and I'm the on board communications officer for the Rainbow Warrior tour. Normally I fulfil said officer's role in the Auckland office. (I keep meaning to get to the bottom of who gave us the curious "officer" title. I sometimes wonder if I should be bullet-proof and in blue).

I am also submitting most of the blog postings from the ship, when I'm not face down in the toilet.

I came to Greenpeace in April last year, so I'm quite new. Also, my background is not a typical one for a Greenpeace convert (which I am).

Before Greenpeace, I did university degrees in law and theatre, completed a post graduate diploma in journalism in Wellington, worked as a reporter at the Westport News, was a press secretary for a government minister, and produced Morning Report on Radio New Zealand. All the while I was composting and recycling and wearing flowers in my hair, but I certainly wouldn't call myself a greenie, hippie or activist. But when I heard of the job going at Greenpeace, I didn't think twice about quitting daily current affairs and joining the good fight.

Greenpeace is choice. I have been impressed and inspired by almost all the people I've met through it and by all the work we do.

And just when I thought it couldn't get any choicer, we go on a ship tour! And if the first week of the adventure is anything to go by, the next five weeks are definitely going to be one out of the box.

Stay tuned to the blog for highlights.