There's been a new development in our campaign to get the rainforest out of Cottonsoft toilet paper.

With the help of ex National Party MP Katherine Rich in her role as head of the Food and Grocery Council, Cottonsoft/Asia Pulp & Paper (APP) have launched a fresh and slightly desperate PR offensive in which they label our campaign as "green terrorism".

Along with fresh accusations that Greenpeace is endangering the jobs of Cottonsoft employees - a claim that is refuted by the union - Cottonsoft/APP and Rich now claim to have their own test results that prove Cottonsoft doesn't use rainforest fibre - except they refuse to release them to Greenpeace.

We stand by our test results (PDF) and conclusions 100% and have today released futher forensic test results to back that up.

The new research, conducted last month by German laboratory the Institute of Paper Science and Technology, found rainforest fibre in a second batch of samples from the same Cottonsoft products tested earlier this year by IPS Global - a company which names among its clients US Government departments, the FBI and a host of major companies in the pulp and paper sector.

So it's time for Cottonsoft to put up or shut up - and to commit to sourcing fibre from sustainable plantations just like all the other toilet manufacturers in NZ.

Here's a timeline of what's ocurred so far: