It’s okay, I know you’re fatigued
Your brain has been rinsed by media,
squeezed and shaped and hung out to dry
And so all you hear now is passing wind
I understand. I also flick the channel.

But what if I told you I know of a place
where there is no noise, no clutter,
no pollution, no lies, no greed.
A space so precious – a pristine utopia
Imagine the edge of existence
like nowhere else on earth
Then would you lend me your ears?

Let me tell you about this place
A force of nature, the eye of purity
where whales and fish swim free
and penguins and seals clap for joy

This is The Last Ocean
This is The Ross Sea
She breathes
She gives life
But it’s not enough
They want more
and more and more

The rich are raping her
with their mouths, their teeth,
biting into the toothfish
The chefs are masquerading
their silver tipped menus
Chilean Seabass! So rare!
London’s finest, Paris,
New York, Miami

This gluttony is swiftly killing
the only living laboratory that can save us
That can teach us how an uncorrupted,
wholesome marine community has
survived the test of evolution
- But it cannot survive man
Almost all fish in the world have already been taken
Boats sit in the docks rusting with consequence
This is not about philosophical differences
This is about a business model that is
killing our planet

But this war can end if you want it to
If you’re willing to fight the good fight
If you and yours and all of theirs
Stand up, rise up and say STOP!

The race is on
There is space for you on the waka
Together now, lets save The Last Ocean

- Poem by Jamie Joseph originally posted here