Auckland train station by wonderferretEven though it's not actually part of my job at Greenpeace, as a keen cyclist and climate change activist, I try to keep an eye on what's going on with transport in NZ.

As you all probably know, if you've ever tried to take a bus or train in NZ, the transport sector in NZ is in a sorry state. Public transport is appalling, we have extremely high rates of car ownership, and greenhouse gas emissions from the transport sector are skyrocketing.

However, the good news is there are lots of great campaigns being run by volunteers around NZ to try and get more sustainable transport. I mainly know about Auckland based groups although I'm sure there are lots of others going on.

Some of the most active groups in Auckland are:

-    Cycle Action who've done lots of great work to promote cycling in Auckland. They're currently running a campaign to get a walk/cycle way across the Auckland Harbour Bridge. Click here  to show your support for the walk/cycle way. -    The Campaign for Better Transport This group is doing some great work on getting a train link out to the airport in Auckland. -    SALT (Slower and Less Traffic who are working to make their suburb safer and less congested by getting people out of cars.

If you're keen to get more sustainable transport in NZ then check them out! If you're not based in Auckland, maybe they'll give you some ideas for how to set up a similar group in your own community.


- Lucy

PS: The Auckland City Council is currently seeking submissions on their plan to lower the speed limit on Queen Street to 30 km/hr. So, if you think that's a cool idea then please click here to show your support.