This is a note I got from Dima the photographer on board.

Sealion (C) GREENPEACE / Sharomov
Sealion (C) GREENPEACE / Sharomov
I have a short story about this picture with the sea lion. I was on the bow of the ship taking the pictures of Albatrosses. When I was taking another picture I saw that something is stuck out of the water. I looked through my 200mm lens and saw the tale of the sea lion! Basically the sea lion was upside down with his head underwater. It reminded me swans with their bums up. We were passing the sea lion very quickly.

I took a few pictures of his tale.

I had to do some thing to see his head. I whistled as loud as I could.

It was loud enough to get the captain out the wheel house. He started to look around and saw him as well.

Finally the sea lion took his had out of the water and looked at us.

A few minutes later the captain came to me and said that he heard the voice of sea lion and saw him.

I did not argue with the captain that it was me, not the sea lion.

Ha ha