Ship leaving lytteltonI haven't managed to find a copy yet but report leaked from the IPCC sounds like it may well put the heat on NZ exporters.

According to the Guardian, the report says that scale of climate change emissions from shipping is almost three times higher than previously believed.

It calculates that annual emissions from the world's merchant fleet have already reached 1.12bn tonnes of COv(2), or nearly 4.5% of all global emissions of the main greenhouse gas... that shipping emissions - which are not taken into account by European targets for cutting global warming - will become one of the largest single sources of man made COv(2)after cars, housing, agriculture and industry. By comparison, the aviation industry, which has been under heavy pressure to clean up, is responsible for about 650m tonnes of COv(2)emissions a year, just over half that from shipping.
Who would have thought that shipping could account for almost twice that of aviation?