Every man has a story. A history.

Here are a few blokes you may recognise, and the stories that define them:

The Rock

 A man of his word. Reliable. A muck in kinda bloke - the guy you call when you need a hand with one of those stink jobs only the top buggers can handle. Like babysitting an incontinent dog. Or moving a piano.

Mr Cucumber

He doesn't lose his cool. He's zen as. Whether it’s navigating the tinny through choppy waters, or saving a barbie of snarlers from a mini inferno, this guy's a steady hand. He always knows what to do, and do it he does. Without a flap or a fuss. 

The Staunch Fella

He knows who he is. He has morals. He remembers what his grandparents taught him about respect. Respect of people, of place. Money can’t buy him.

There are many other types of blokes. There’s the big softy. The ‘simple man with simple tastes’. The thinker. And then there’s Simon Bridges.

Here’s Simon’s Story.