Go the Greens! Also tired of sitting around waiting for the Governement to investigate where and how emission reductions might actually be made in NZ, the Green Party has done some of its own analysis, and emerged with a clear message: 40% by 2020 is possible, let's get on with it.

“We can have a lot of gain without much pain,” says Green Party Climate Change Spokesperson Jeanette Fitzsimons.

“There’s literally money growing on trees if we want it.”

The Party reckons New Zealand could reduce its emissions well below 1990 levels through a series of reforms in the forestry, transport, energy and agricultural sectors, according to the Green Party research, which also concludes that the cost of buying carbon credits has been grossly distorted by the Government.

Read all about it here.

It's actually been an amazing day in terms of groups coming out in support of the target. The Rodney District Council seems into it, the Auckland University Student's Association is now explicitly backing 40 by 2020, and the Christian World Service (Religious development NGO) has also come out calling for 40%. They've launched a postcard campaign calling for 40% binding emission reductions by 2020 and are writing to all NZ churches to garner support for this.

So a true swell of support from myriad groups and corners of the community, all calling for the one thing that's truly going to make the difference.  Shine on. 

The Auckland University Students Association backs 40% by 2020.