The Bear Truth
The Bear Truth
In terms of climate change, Prime Minister Elect John Key is in bad company - with Rodney 'climate change is a hoax' Hide and Gerry 'Sexy Coal Brownlee, but he himself is more of an unknown quantity. On Campbell Live following election night he said that now he was Prime Minister he didn't just represent those people who voted for him - he had to represent the whole nation. So how does he know how those of us who didn't vote for him want to be represented? Well, one way is youtube.

John Key's victory speech is available on youtube and I'd like to encourage you to make a message for John and post it as a response to that video.

The hapless polar bear that emerged during the recent TVNZ YouTube leaders debate has resurfaced and done just that.

The planet is on the slide due to climate change," stresses the bear. "Me and my ilk are like canaries in the coal mine. But by-God we're not the only canaries.

Having left the confines of a suburban pool somewhere in Grey Lynn, the displaced bear now seems to have found itself a headquarters in the city.

It urges Mr Key to use his new position to help save the climate; otherwise it's over rover for polar bears and Parnell.

And, the bear isn’t the only one reaching out t to John Key in the wake of his election success. Other Kiwis are also asking him to go into bat for the climate, now that he’s in charge.

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