It was 2 months before Copenhagen, all was quiet at Key's house  nothing was stirring, not even a mouse.
But in the dead of the night, teams of Sign Oners,
Snuck about with a message: “C’mon John, or we’re goners!”

Come dawn this morning, local statues across the country were sporting blue casts embossed with ““C’mon John, Sign On”.  People walking to work in Auckland, Hamilton, Nelson, Wellington and Dunedin were treated to the sight – even the limbs of kids and some sort of penguin thing seemed to have suffered the same fate.

This follows on from an "incident in the night" not long ago in the Capital.

Didn’t take long for the state broadcaster to cotton on. For some inexplicable reason, their cameraman was prowling around parliament at 11pm with nothing specific to do, and happened to run into one of the Sign On team scaling the heady heights of the Richard Seddon statue. (see 2 minutes 20 seconds into this clip from the Breakfast programme)

We can only assume that Paul Henry, not know for his support of Greenpeace, was absolutely, 100% serious when he said said of the the activists “Those Greenpeace member; they’re rocket scientists. They were very very clever to think of that.” Hear hear Henry.

Meanwhile the Dunedin crew had a great night out “under a clear sky and big moon".
Don’t forget to get out and do your own blue cast thing... and send us proof!