isla-2008-374.jpgTwo more weeks gone since I last wrote and we're now fast closing in on the office move, no more than two and a bit weeks away. It's kind of scary in many respects when I look around because it still looks like we have quite some way to go.

The plasterboard fixers and plasterers are still onsite and hard at work, G8 interiors and Brown holdings doing the hard yards in the weekends as well. Most of the paint priming work is now complete on the first floor area and the Greenpeace volunteers, staff and also a couple of our Auckland Voting Assembly members showed up to help and all have been hard at work over the last week to help make this happen. We're working nights in the week now as well as the weekends to make this happen. Biopaints have given Greenpeace a full donation of product for this which is simply fantastic and I have to say the finish is really starting to look good. I've been a bit hard on everyone making sure we sand between coats but the finish makes it all worth while. We have a couple of volunteers who are very sensitive to things like paint fumes but they've been working as hard and as long as anyone else with no ill effects whatsoever. Brilliant product and all naturally based with plant and water based products. Well recommended to anyone interested in painting. isla-2008-380.jpgOn the building front the ceiling is finally going in. The product we have is acoustically treated from a company called Decortech here in Auckland and they've dropped 30 thousand dollars off the price for Greenpeace. It's a lot of hard work for Chris and the builders getting it just right but again the finish looks great and will really make the space look awesome along with the paint, as well as dampening sound internally and from the outside. Very smart.

Finishing of things like architraves, skirtings and doors is now also well underway and very much adds to the feeling that we are getting to the end of the project.

The roof vents are being finished today as well which will mean our ventilation plan will be complete. Ellfow have assisted us here, dropped quite a lot from the price and will mean we can generally stay away from airconditioning.

The final hit on the double glazing from Metro Glasstech upstairs is also about to begin and today they've moved in all of the material to start fitting this off as of tomorrow. Again we'll see a big change in the space once this starts to go in.

Electrically speaking things are going well. This has been a major rewire job and sometimes we have half a dozen electricians on the site. Nicholas Tz has been racing as fast as he can to keep ahead of the plasterboard fixers and it's not been easy for him as things are moving really fast. They are now as far ahead as fitting of the face plates for the power sockets, and making live the distribution boards, which in turn has meant a lot less extension cords on site.

isla-2008-364.jpgCommunication wise the data cabling has been getting fitted off, and the server for the new VOIP (voice over internet protocol) has been installed and the programming has now commenced for the new system, oddly enough this is happening from Amsterdam, technology, I suppose you have to love it. Normally this sort of work would not happen until all the dust has been cleared from site, but with the tight time frames we've had to push through on this and do our best to ensure the server room is kept dust free with a continuous power supply….which has proved to be especially challenging. Datacable have also sourced us a new 19 inch server rack for nothing for all of the VOIP components so a big thanks to Vaughan and his crew yet again for helping us, and of course to Jan Bakuwel from Netformatie, who's been doing all of this work with a baby just about to arrive in the next few days! Fortunately Jan can work a lot from a remote location so this helps.

Lastly I'd just like to relate to you what a multi national work site this has been over the last few months, it's been like working on a Greenpeace ship. We've had representations from Uruguay, Brazil, Ghana, Nigeria, Morocco, Greece, Holland, several Pacific Island nations, Slovakia, Germany, France, China, Philippines and even a few Kiwis. This side of the job I've found to be one of the best from my perspective and really serves to remind me what a multi national country NZ/Aotearoa is fast becoming.

OK that's it for the moment, I'll be doing one last weblog in just over a week before I have to move onto my next contract with Greenpeace, which means unfortunately for me, I'll not be here for the last week of construction mania.

- Rob