MIY Badge
MIY Badge
The crafty folk over at World Sweet World recently asked "can brownie badges save the climate?" ... and their readers voted yes and selected the Op-shopper Extraordinaire , the Quick & Social Showerer, the Obsessive Switcher Offer, the Careful Cook, and the Foot Power badges.

We're not kidding ourselves that these actions alone will save the climate, but they can make a difference, not least to you.

Last edition we launched The Great M.I.Y Carbon Action Mystery Badge Swap Adventure because we wondered what skills you thought were needed to save the climate today. We likened it to earning brownie badges of old, but we mashed it with our love of handmade and an urge to help you take action.

If you're curious get over to World Sweet World, check it out and get stuck in!

You nominate actions, you make badges and send them in, you earn them, you get them back (a lovely one someone else made), you sew them on your blanket, or anything else you can think of.

Step 1, Nomination of skills for climate action badges - is already done. 5 carbon action badge ideas have been selected. Step 2, winning ideas are announced, and swapping may begin worldsweetworld.com/badgeaction