The Outlook For Sunday
The Outlook For Sunday
Feel like making a film? Check out The Outlook For Someday competition - I've never thought about making films but I am now!

The Outlook for Someday, began last year as “A Sustainability Film Challenge for Young New Zealanders” and this has morphed into “The Sustainability Film Challenge for Young New Zealanders”. The mission in 2007 was for anyone up to the age of 20 was to make a short film, up to 5 minutes, about how they see the future unfolding; to look at your world through a lens of sustainability; to give their personal take on what matters to them, focussed on the future.

You can watch the 2007 winning films here. I love 12 year old Marley Richard's global warming animation.

This year the the three ‘focusing questions’ of the year are:

What does sustainability mean for the world and for you?

What does it mean for your community or neighbourhood?

What do you want to say about it?

If you're keen (and you were born in or after 1988) grab the entry form, check out the judging criteria and get filming ... and get filming!