Photo credit: Brightsource Energy

In the heart of the Californian Mojave desert, the world’s largest solar plant officially opened last week.

The Ivanpah Solar Electric Generating System is a project conceived by Google, NRG energy, and Brightsource energy. It contains hundreds of thousands of mirrors and spans an impressive distance of over 5 miles. It is estimated that the $2.2 billion dollar project will generate enough renewable energy to power over 140,000 homes.

This project, the first of its kind in the United States, is seen as a catalyst for things to come. After President Barack Obama’s announcement that his administration is dedicated to tackling climate change, extensive clean energy investments like Ivanpah need to be the top priority.

The US has watched as countries like China and Germany have taken the lead in developing large scale renewable energy projects that lower their carbon footprint and create thousands of new jobs. All the while the US was stuck wondering if it would ever join them as an industry—and world—leader.

Looks like we have our answer.

With the death of coal on the horizon and more impressive projects like Ivanpah planned across the country, the clean energy revolution is not only possible, it’s happening now.

Take a moment to reflect on this news America. Our movement is stronger than ever.

Daniel Schreiber is an Online Campaigner with Greenpeace USA. He works on climate and energy issues in United States. Follow Dan on Twitter: @danschreibs