This is a must watch!

climate-challenge-single-sticker.jpg Pupils at one of the schools taking part in Greenpeace’s Climate Challenge ( ) have put together a video called “Turning down the Heat”. It’s all about figuring out the characteristics of a great environmentalist (which bytheway are found to be: DETERMINATION, IMPACT. KNOWLEDGE, COMMITTMENT and (being) ADVENTUROUS). They also get down to figuring out what New Zealanders can do to help tackle climate change. Sometimes kids manage to get to the heart of a matter better than adults; they tell it like it is. As one of the pupils says at the very start : “I really think we should come together and do something. No one can rescue us; we’re in a situation where we have to work together. Hurt the planet, pay the price.”

This kind of video is exactly what the Climate Challenge is all about – the school got an extra 100 pts for their efforts.

Meanwhile the Challenge continues in other areas. Heaps of schools have now signed, so as I type there are kids around New Zealand eating packed lunches (10 points) and drawing up a classroom energy efficiency review (100 points). Our biggest online fundraiser so far is Joshua Malmo from Gulf Harbour. His great work so far has won him one of our limited edition tee-shirts.

The website is also going really well. If you get the chance, check it out and think about sponsoring some of the challengers. They deserve all the support they can get!