October 10th was going to be a global day of doing and acting on climate change – and that’s exactly what it was. The event broke records, turning into the biggest day of climate action in history.

From beaches in South Africa where penguins were rescued, to parks in Moscow, where 3,000 kg of acorns were collected to replant trees in forests devastated by fires this summer, thousands of people got to work yesterday to stop climate change.

In Argentina, Greenpeace activists took advantage of the day to denounce a proposed coal-fired power plant, and ask for wind turbines instead. Clean energy solutions exist – and renewable energy combined with energy savings have proved to be the viable alternative that the world needs.

This is why in Turkey, demonstrators covered in oil called for an Energy [R]evolution. Fossil fuel disasters like the oil spill that hit the Gulf of Mexico this summer, or coal ash disasters, are not the price we have to pay to supply our energy needs.

Deforestation, a major source of global greenhouse gas emissions, wasn’t forgotten either – and some truly inspiring actions to protect our forests took place. In Moscow, Russia, volunteers collected 3,000 kg of acorns to help replant the forests that have been devastated by forest fires during this summer of extreme weather.

In Denmark, volunteers raised awareness in the streets about the devastating effects of deforestation. They also handed out young tree plants to encourage local citizens to start planting.

Transport, also a major cause of greenhouse gas emission, was addressed in Sweden where activists dressed as the wind, sun and water thanked passengers in the subway for choosing this mode of transportation.