Following last week's dramatic shutting down of our rebel communications channel (YouTube to you, humans), the Rebellion has bounced back. Our videos are now everywhere - thanks to you brave Jedi - and our ranks are swelling faster than we ever thought possible.

Promises have been made, but we still don't know how or when these promises will be kept, so it's time to crank up the pressure once more.

We had over 2 million views to our Volkswagen campaign films before they were banned: it's impossible to say how many we've received since then – we just know it's a lot. What we do know is that there are more than 190,000 Jedi in the Rebellion, calling on VW to change. And change they must.

Thanks to you, VW is getting the message that Planet Earth is not another Alderaan, to be burned up at the whim of a CEO here or there. Our planet is ours to defend and we will do whatever it takes to protect it.

To reinforce the point, earlier today Jedi in Germany unfurled a banner reading 'Save Our Planet' outside Volkswagen's HQ, while Stormtroopers swarmed around the giant building's entrances.

The message to VW couldn't be clearer: their policies are threatening Earth. But, as we've said before, we feel the good in Volkswagen - the conflict. We know they can do better, that it's possible to turn away from the Dark Side.

In fact, last week during the launch in London, one of the Stormtroopers (Brian, #258793) decided to do exactly that.

We need you to go and post Brian's film all over VW's Facebook pages (such as the VW International, VW UK and main VW pages) as a reminder of what we need them to do: stop opposing the environmental laws – on CO2 emissions and fuel efficiency – that we need to protect our planet.

Don't forget to comment on their posts too, so that VW supporters can see what the company is up to. And let us know if their corporate droids delete any of your comments.

Brian's in a difficult place right now. It's understandable - what he's done would be a shock to any Stormtrooper's system. So give him your full support by sharing the film and encouraging VW to change.

As Yoda says, 'do or do not, there is no try'.