You think Letterman made him famous abroad? Sign On is working equally hard to boost Prime Minister John Key's profile offshore. Thanks to the campaign, his name is appearing on iconic statues the world over, from Sweden to Norway to Brazil (see images below).

Take the Little Mermaid in Copenhagen. This lovely lady-fish has been dowsed in paint numerous times, had her right arm amputated, been decapitated three times, and was even pushed from her rock in 2003 (the mindless cruelty!) But she's never looked as good as she did this morning when the sun rose over her rock, and John's blue cast was revealed in all its glory on her delicate, damp forearm.

"C'Mon John!" the people are saying. They are saying it in Danish, they are saying it in Norwegian, they are saying it in Swedish and they're saying it in Portugese. "Vindo Em John!.......  John?"