My name is Keith Nolan and I'm spending he rest of the year volunteering here in the Greenpeace office as the sign on pettion wrangler. Basically I'm organising other volunteers to get out on the streets and at events to get signatuers on the paper version of Sign On. I'll be posting the odd update here on the blog and I'm keen to meet people and talk about ideas on the forum.

Over the weekend a group made of volunteers and Greenpeace supporters went out on the street to get more signatures.  We went to three events, a Warriors game at Mt. Smart and two nights of Simon and Garfunkel at the Vector Arena. We also spent a couple of hours on Saturday on out on Queen Street in downtown Auckland. The groups that went out ranged between 12 and 5 people and despite the terrible weather and some rather grim situations we managed to rack up a healthy 500 plus signatures.

The Warriors game was an interesting experience. Some of us us learned that for a certain segment of rugby league fans, sport and climate change don’t have much in common. It seems that a lot of league fans would rather that we didn’t exist and that is exactly how they responded to our requests for signatures - as if we didn't exist. Many of those who did respond did so with some very colourful language that won't be repeated here on the blog. Despite all that though, we didn’t walk away empty handed!

Then our dear friends at the Vector Arena were very pleased to see us as a security guard was kind enough to point out. After working out which land belonged to the Arena and which was public property with the help of a friendly police officer we took home a decent amount of signatures from both nights.

Queen Street was by far the most rewarding part of the weekend. Twelve of us were out for two hours and had a great response. We collected lots of signatures and handed out many fact sheets which we hope will be turned into future sign ons. 

This will be a regular occurrence on the weeks leading to the Copenhagen meeting in December and it is something that we would like to see mirrored around New Zealand. If anyone wishes to help out and join us in gathering signatures in Auckland then do not hesitate to contact me
If you are outside of Auckland and you wish to get involved then you can contact us at and we can put you in touch with some of the other groups around the country.
We also welcome anyone wishing to gather signatures in their own time. You can do this by downloading the petition forms  or by using the contacts above and we can send you out the materials you will need.