Volkswagen claims to be an eco-friendly company, but in reality it's lobbying against the laws we need to stop climate change and make cars more efficient.

Last month, we challenged film makers from around the world to help us expose the real VW. We gave people just two weeks to write, shoot and edit their films, but it didn't stop us getting some truly amazing - and hilarious - entries.

Head over to the film competition website and vote for your favourites!

Volkswagen spends more on advertising in the UK than any other car company, so we asked people to make a one minute 'subvert' - a fake advert which used VW's marketing against it.

People chose to interpret that in loads of different ways. We had amazing versions of Volkswagen's latest animated advert, Think Blue: Symphony. Some took the Star Wars motif and ran with it. Other people told short stories about the impact Volkswagen's dirty lobbying was having on the environment.

We had almost 80 entries from all around the world - America, Canada, Italy, Belgium, Russia, India, the UK, Germany, France... the list goes on.

Like everyone here at the Greenpeace office, I've got a few favourites. I'm not going to tell you which ones they are though, because I want to hear what your favourite films are.

That's why we want you to watch a whole bunch of films and vote for the ones you like best. Then send them to your friends, and ask them to vote the ones they like.

You can vote for as many films as you like, but you can only vote once per film (obviously). The top 12 films will go into the shortlist, from which our panel of judges will choose the one they think the best.

Whoever made the winning film will receive a budget of £5,000 to make a campaign film for Greenpeace. So if you want to help us choose the best film, head over to the competition website and get voting!