Postcards To Poznan
Postcards To Poznan
Pride. For me it personifies what it means to be a Kiwi. Our country and New Zealanders are admired the world over. I've travelled overseas and everyone I meet likes and respects our nation. And every single person says that they would love to visit our shores.

So why is it that I'm becoming more and more despondent with where my country's heading?

Yes, I work at Greenpeace, but I'm a small town girl and heart just trying to make my world a better place. I am deeply saddened by our Government's performance at the just ended global climate talks in Poznan.

190 countries spent 12 days discussing our future.

4 countries stood out as being the major culprits in blocking desperately needed progress to secure a global climate change agreement.

Shamefully New Zealand stood amongst these 4 countries.

What's happened to our backbone? Where have our values and vision to be a global leader steadfast in punching above our weight gone?

The Government, our biggest climate polluting companies and media reporting have gone some way to convince Kiwis that 'we're too small to make a difference'. Well, as you can now see the opposite is true.

We've made a major difference - but unfortunately not for the good of the world - we may be small be we were integral in buggering up these global talks - 'good on ya mate' - yeah right.

In the past New Zealand's leadership on domestic and global issues has made other countries stand up and listen.

We were the first country where women won the right to vote, vehemently opposed nuclear weapons both here and abroad and in recent years tens of thousands of us marched to stop the introduction of genetically engineered crops and to oppose the war in Iraq.

But past and present government inaction on climate change risks our reputation as global leaders in protecting the world's environment. And let's be honest - i this reputation plays a big part in keeping our country afloat. We need to start living up to it - fast.

But I still have hope in my own will and in my fellow countryman to fight this battle and to force our Government to do the right thing.

On Saturday just prior to the end of the talks in Poznan Tim Grosser the new Climate Negotiations Minister, was hand delivered over 3,000 'tourism' postcards from New Zealanders that asked the NZ delegation to 'sign up to save the climate' and avoid becoming an 'international climate pariah'. The postcards which had images of lambs, kiwis and scenic NZ shots were collected by Greenpeace from people around New Zealand in just one week.

We have a lot more to do - in just under a year the most crucial United Nations climate change meeting to date will take place in Copenhagen. It's here that political leaders from around the world will decide the future of the planet.

If ever there was a climate crunch time this is it. If governments and leaders cannot agree to significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions by 2020, then we can kiss goodbye our best chance of winning the fight.

I'm sorry Mr Key, but your current 'she'll be right mate' attitude just won't cut it. You'll be hearing from us and many tens of thousands of New Zealanders between now and December next year to make sure you get your act together on climate change.