Mr Splashy PantsIn a non-lethal research breakthrough Greenpeace scientists have finally discovered what whales are actually singing about. We have harnessed that new knowledge in what could be the world's first online whale song translator and so - if you're looking for something different for your Valentine tomorrow - this may well be just what you need.

Over on the Greenpeace website Mr Splashy pants the humpback is making a comeback singing a genuine humpback valentines love song. You can use the automagical e-card whale song translator to create a whale song of love, or get him to sing your own words, and give your Valentine a message to remember.

Who the heck is Mr Splashy Pants?

Late last year as part of the Great Whale Trail we ran a whale naming competition.

Out of 11,000 submissions to name the humpback whales we were tracking on their migration to the Southern Ocean, we narrowed it down to 30 finalists. Over 150,000 people then voted for their favourite name.

Mister Splashy Pants was the winner by a nautical mile!

It seems like the world couldn't get enough of Mister Splashy Pants with many websites encouraging their readers to vote for 'Splashy'. And as we all know, once the wonderful world of the internet got hold of Mister Splashy Pants, it was all over bar the final splash.

Mister Splashy Pants got a huge 119,367 votes (over 78 percent of the vote) with his nearest rival being Humphrey at 4,329 (less than 3 percent). The rest of the top ten were Aiko, Libertad, Mira, Kaimana, Aurora, Shanti, Amal and Manami.

Many websites ran stories and many took credit for the rise and rise of the Splashy-Panted One. Some websites encouraged their readers to cheat and vote more than once, while others like Treehugger seemed to imply that Mister Splashy Pants wasn't a proper name for a whale.

We're sure Treehugger didn't mean it that way but it resulted in a final wave of votes from their readers that took Splashy to an unreachable position at the top of the pod.

There is even a Mr Splashy Pants wikipedia page.